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GAZEAL is a game-changing product for the complicated UK residential property sales market, which binds both parties together when they are ready to agree on a deal. Neither side can walk away, or move the goalposts. This new process eliminates gazumping/gazundering. The system is designed for both the buyer and the seller. It is of particular interest to property professionals such as Estate Agents, Solicitors and Mortgage Brokers.

With the release of their new product Gazeal Comply, a compliance tool for agents which ensures they are meeting their legal obligations regarding money laundering on request, Oracle was asked to redesign Gazeals website and redefine the user experience.

Firstly we created a wireframe prototype to show the client how each type of user would be pointed to the right product. We also built a decision tool to help users understand the difference between these products depending on the answers to a short series of questions. We then visualised the design keeping it clean and simple whilst creating a modern aesthetic with bold colours from the Gazeal brand. And finally, we built the site on our favourite open source platform – WordPress which is compatible with all mobile and desktop platforms.

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