The old Coronet cinema in Eltham has been purchased for redevelopment into 63 apartments, 4 shops, a restaurant & new, 60 seat cinema.

The new owners, Cathedral Eltham Limited in association with iPro Limited, commissioned us to construct a hoarding around two sides of the corner ‘Art Deco masterpiece’, with a brief that was interesting, unusual & challenging.

Eltham Coronet Cinema hoarding design by Oracle CreativeThe client wanted us to visualise the entrance of the old cinema on the curved front section and a queue of people, stretching around the corner of the 60m hoarding.

Oh! And he wanted the people in the queue to be lifesized, in full colour and dressed in 1940’s costume, with some of them having the faces of his family and friends! We made contact with ‘Milk-Cow magazine’, a publication that specialises in 1940’s and 50’s lifestyle. We told them exactly what we required and they came back with 300 creative studio shots of their staff and friends dressed appropriately. We selected 100 figures from this fantastic resource and montaged them together to achieve a stunning result. The entrance was visualised from an old black and white photograph.

The client was thrilled with the result.