Today sees the launch of our new look branding and website.

Sometimes less is more, and that is the approach we took with our new brand and website. We wanted to be recognised by our large existing client base so we kept our corporate colours, the shape of the O and C from our original logo, and designed a strong icon which echoes a copyright symbol, which is representative of the industry we work in.

We wanted our logo to be flexible so that it can be used for a variety of purposes, especially at small sizes or on different coloured backgrounds. We aimed for strength when displayed next to other logos and with todays many different forms of media this is important for all logo types.

As designers, we are not scared of white space so our new look is very minimal which helps show off what’s important, our work … which is the primary purpose of our new website. We have introduced an angular shape to represent how we approach our work, by looking at things from many different perspectives and applying our findings to our creative work.

We have been busy working on new concepts for our clients and are excited to be able to share these on our website over the coming weeks. So come back and visit us again soon as we will be updating our website regularly with new projects, news and our favourite tweets.